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Script Samples

Both scripts only have the first few pages of their respective scripts. 

The Film Script is titled Under the Bed and is about a young girl who witnessed her sister get taken by monsters. When no one believes her, she travels to the world under her own bed to save her big sister.

The Comic Script is titled Life of a Flower Pixie and is about the life cycle of a wingless pixie, represented by the seasons.

  My writing skills vary in terms of genre, age demographic, and format. I'm most familiar with short stories, novellas, and novels, but I have also written a handful of Comic and Movie/Episode scripts (the first few pages of both script types are provided below). 

  When it comes to age groups, I write for Middle Grade, Younge Adult, and New Adult. 

  My genres include--but are not limited to--dark as well as light-hearted fantasy, horror, romance, and paranormal mystery.


Short Story Sample

This short story is titled A Little Bit of Magic. 

Game Story Sample

The game is titled Molly's Play Place and is a first-person horror game with animatronic animals.

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