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The Hamilton House Hauntings


Friends and Phantoms

Perfect for fans of Small Spaces by Katherine Arden and Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko, Elizabeth Duivenvoorde's debut middle grade is filled with spooky ghosts and relatable moments.

Clair‘s entire world changes after the death of her grandmother. She moves in with an aunt she only just met and starts seventh grade at a new school. Not only does she have to figure out how to navigate middle school, including new friends and bullies, but a family secret too. Her grandmother had called it the Harper Women’s Gift—the women in her family could see and talk with ghosts. She would help them crossover, but didn’t teach Clair what to do before she passed. How can Clair keep her gift a secret and learn to trust her new friends . . . or will her past mistakes catch up with her?
Something sinister lurks in the Hamilton House. It’s rumoured to be haunted, and a magnet for ghosts. Whatever it is, it’s angry, powerful, and responsible for a terrible accident. With only days left before Clair’s aunt hosts a Halloween party at the house, Clair is threatened to stay away. She needs to figure out who the ghost is and how they died to help them before someone else gets hurt.


Release Date: September 10th, 2024 
Genre: Middle Grade, Paranormal
Trigger Warnings: Death, LGBTQ+

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Interior Art by:

Satra Thai

Cover by:

Miss Vie Book Designs

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Watch The Hamilton House Haunting on the Planster YouTube channel, Ep. 1 coming Jan 2025

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