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Ashtrays to Jawbreakers : Bon Temps!

In a perfect world, all the writers would get a fair break; judged on talent and not how big their wallet is. This is an attempt to give a few authors their just reward for being stubborn and not giving up. A hobby is not a hobby if it has the potential to be rewarding far more than personal enjoyment. There’s a story behind the name. I had a very great friend that lost her battle with her demons. Her last name was June and as long as I could keep her writing and painting it seemed to help. Her demons appeared in what she created. This project is in her honour to keep her work alive even though she’s not. The ashtrays to jawbreakers were hers too. Her entire portfolio is centred around that.No writer ever hits it big just writing for money. It would be like saying I like breathing just to hear the wind blow. Writers put all they have into what they create; should always attempt to do that.
Every writer puts part of their being into what they write. Their work is as much a part of them as their heart and comes from within it. Writing is something a writer needs to do. It's not optional, it's like breathing. If we don't write every day, even if it's just a few words, we don't sleep due to the characters in our heads demanding that their stories are told. And when you get it right (or should that be written?) then the feeling is the greatest high on the planet.



The story I have in this anthology;

Not Your Valentine

A story about a girl and her encounter with a serial killer.


Unleashed Ink 2

An assortment of short stories and poems written by members of the Barrie Writer's Club.



The stories I have in this anthology;

Shifting Stars

A short story about four siblings travelling across space to a cleaner, uninhabited planet.
Finally Normal
A short story about a couple looking to change who they are to fit in. They soon find out it's not what they want.

How I Died
A short story about a girl's final performance before she meets Death.




Before a Toddler

In the Night


Six Worlds

Reality. The word is loaded. Everybody has a different sense of what it
means, yet we all seem to agree on one thing: reality is not enough.

In an anthology full of diverse universes, six writers craft a medley of
mesmerizing stories that take the reader beyond reality.
So curl up
with your favourite caffeinated beverage and prepare to be taken beyond
what you know as normal. Experience the universe through the eyes of
Candise Mitton, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Elizabeth Duivenvoorde, L.M. Langley,
Matthew J. Rogers, and Masha Leyfer.An assortment of short stories written by a handful of writers.



The story  I have in this anthology;

A Little Bit Of Magic

A short story about an orphan girl who finds a new place to live, new friends, and a new family all before Christmas day.

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