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Red's Heart

Red's Heart

Cover by: Ravenborn

After the death of Red Riding Hood, the wolves have started to thrive. When young wolves get invited to the local high school, a normal teenaged girl discovers things about herself she wishes she hadn’t.

Twenty years since Red Riding Hood's death at the vicious claws of the Big Bad Wolf, the secrets of her passing and ensuring legacy are shrouded in a cloud of darkness and silence. For a young woman, the myth behind the legend is only the beginning of her story.
Enter Violet, a teenage girl of an unassuming destiny, and the unlikely heroine of her own epic story. When her local high school begins to assimilate werewolves into the student body, Violet meets Asher, a strong and altogether mysterious young man with a background of his own. With the aid of her newfound curiosity, Violet begins a journey of self-discovery as she searches for the answers to her own past, future, and destiny.

Will she find out the truth and rewrite the story? Or has the story of Red Riding Hood only just begun…

Release Date: May 25, 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy
Trigger Warnings: Blood, violent themes.

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