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Hey There

My name is Elizabeth, though I also answer to Lizz and Eliza. I'm a mom of three and married as of Feb. 29th, 2020. I've loved stories and storytelling ever since I was young, but wasn't interested in reading and writing until I was in my late teens.

About Elizabeth

As a “Plantser”, Liz creates her stories with little to no planning ahead of time, gathering inspiration from songs and images.

From short stories to full-length novels, Liz is most comfortable writing Fantasy, Paranormal, and Dystopian for New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade. She has begun to expand into Contemporary Romance under the pen name of Eliza Doe.

With the goals such as producing her own graphic novels/comics, as well as TV shows/films and video games, Liz works hard to study the craft of scriptwriting for all mediums.


Being a mother of three, and married to an elevator mechanic, keeps her on her toes. Having a son with a severe heart defect, another with autism, and a daughter who is more adventurous and outgoing than both the boys put together, Liz still finds time to express herself.

"If life was a book; every day would be a new page, every month a new chapter, and every year a new series.”

~Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

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