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Creatures of the Night

Cover Artist:

Evelyne Paniez, Secret D'artist

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The Vampire's Fall

To shape the future, you must challenge the past.

Callisora, the eldest of the two Vampire princesses, would rather spoil herself with sweet human blood than worry about the responsibility of her ascension to the throne. Akantha, her blind younger sister, navigates the world through aura and instinct, but can’t find the way out of a political marriage to a Werewolf prince. Farran, a werewolf slave, is uprooted from a harsh past and placed in the service of Vampire court, where she begins to realize that things aren’t always what they appear to be.

As politics clash with personal morality, and the long-held traditions of the Four Courts are finally scrutinized, all three individuals must come to terms with their past and present...and must decide if the power to shape their own future outweighs the cost of confronting it.

Immersed in a rich, harsh fairytale environment echoing the tales of the Brothers Grimm, The Vampire’s Fall is a story about understanding where you’ve come from and finding the courage to change.

Three journeys, one remarkable story.

Release Date: October 5th, 2021

Genre: New Adult, Dark Fantasy

Trigger Warnings: Contains violence,  blood and gore, sexual content, coarse language.

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Merima/Mari (Cathrine6mirror)

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