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At Plantser Productions, we fly by the seat of our pants, always keeping a map in our back pocket.

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Hamilton House Hauntings
Season One

Release Date Coming Soon

After the death of her grandmother, twelve-year-old Clair is forced to relocate and live with an aunt she's never met.
Surrounded by people and places she's unfamiliar with, Clair finds herself drawn to a creepy old house. The Hamilton House is old and is being set up as a haunted house for Halloween. Being the last in a long line of ghost seers, Clair takes it upon herself to unravel a strange mystery that lurks within the walls of the abandoned house.
Haunted by the trauma of her past, Clair must open up and makes friends with the students in her class if she has any hope of figuring this ghost out.

If I Write
A Disney Moana Perody

March 2, 2021

A short musical parody about the struggles of balancing writing and being a parent.

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