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It's Been a While...

Heeeey guys!

Sorry that I haven't been posting videos or anything lately, I've been super busy with college. But I have some fun updates for ya'll!

  1. Book 1 of the Hamilton House Hauntings (Haunted Days) series has finished with line edits and will be going to copy editor in September. And I have a cover! Seeing as I will have to push back the release by a year (now releasing September 2024), I will be announcing the cover reveal in my newsletter this month (it's already posted up on Patreon!).

  2. In regards to Youtube, I really wanted to post more videos this summer, but getting in front of the camera has been hard. I'm aiming to do some police over videos, which will hopefully be easier to produce with the kids home for the summer, as well as I'm planning a Creative Writing Class (if you can call it that) that I will be doing either live or via voice over with my little animated self and visuals. I'll be talking about how to write in different areas (books, comics, film, and games) as well as talking about formatting and resources.

  3. I am officially working on my first workshop game! I'm in a group with two others, and we are making a children's learning game. We only have 7 weeks, so hopefully we can get it done. I will be sure to send out an email when it is finished and ready to play!

So much to look forward to!



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