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A New Site, A New Start

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Up until now I've been using Websitebuilder to host my website. Dont get me wrong, I loved my website, but I originally created it back in 2015 and was struggling to modify it in ways that stuck to my original design as well as kept things fresh.

Well, I finally decided to make the switch. It wasn't an easy choice, but after I was unable to add a store onto my website, and not being about to get ahold of customer support via phone, email, or message, I decided it was time.

Unsure where to go, I asked some fellow authors for suggestions. Many of them praised Wix, and I had been seeing promotions about Squarespace for some time too. I tried out both platforms and ended up liking Wix's interface more. Don't get me wrong, both platforms had positives and negatives, but when I compared everything, Wix was the winner.

I'll admit, my website isn't quite where I want it yet (Like the homepage), but I'm working at it and loving it.


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