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Byte Fiends

Byte Fiends started as a simple workshop idea for my college program, and has evolved beyond that. We are running a Kickstarter for the game, which will allow it to grow, while also paying myself and the programmer along the way.


First Steps

The first step taken with Byte Fiends was the Game Bible, followed by a pitch document that described additional changes I wanted to add as well as how I would market the game.

The Game Bible helped me flesh out the idea to the point where I didn't need to make a GDD. Although, I made a pitch video that acted as my GDD.

GAMEbrian Poster.png

Next Steps

During the workshop, I recruited a fellow student to do the code for the game. I also hired an artist and voice actors, while I did the sound design and documentation. After the workshop was over, I hired my friend to polish the code and fix up the UI of the game. 

After this, I worked with a financing template for games and figured out how much it would cost to make the full game for Byte Fiends. I then also did a Competitor Analysis and created the Kickstarter for Byte Fiends.

And finally, I made a proposal (which one could argue is close to a GDD) for Byte Fiends.

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